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2 Layer Plaque | WRD-81

Star Plaque | WR-83

Wood Plaque | WR-079

Wood Plaque | WB-079

Star Plaque | SB-709


American Spirit | SB-707

Romanesque | SB-705

3D Star Plaque | SM-701

3D Star Plaque | SJ-701

Marble Plaque | SB-703


Marble Plaque | SM-703

Marble Plaque | SJ-703

Gavel Plaque | WR-85

Shield Plaque | WR-700

Shield Plaque | WB-700


Shield Plaque | SK-700

2 Layer Plaque | A-738

Diamond Plaque | WR-76

Scroll Plaque | SW-703

Mirror Plaque | A-739


Constellation | WR-615

Star Plaque | A-736




Oak Finish | VPLQ315-O



Marble Finish | VPLQ315-M

Black Marble Finish | VPLQ315-BM

Marble Finish | VPLQ310

Blue Marble Finish | VPLQ310-BM

Granite Finish | VPLQ315-G

Marble Finish | VPLQ315-M

Walnut Finish Gold Fill


VPLQ315-(O,M,BM,G,W)-5 5X7"    

VPLQ315-(O,M,BM,G,W)-8 8X10"  

VPLQ315-(O,M,BM,G,W)-9 9X12"  

VPLQ310-(O,M,BM,G,W)-5 5X7"    

VPLQ310-(O,M,BM,G,W)-8 8X10"  

VPLQ310-(O,M,BM,G,W)-9 9X12"  


White Marble Finish | VPLQ312

VPLQ312-8 8X10"    

VPLQ312-9 9X12"   


Cherry wood Finish | VPLQ313

back mat plate

VPLQ313-8 8X10"    

VPLQ313-9 9X12"   


Oak Finish | VPLQ316

back mat plate

VPLQ316-5 5X7"      

VPLQ316-8 8X10"  

VPLQ316-9 9X12"  

Our laser engraved recognition plaques are exquisite, offering economical ways to reward with custom graphics and a huge variety of  text.  You can buy these plaques on-line using our secure shopping area.  If you want, the text area can be left blank and you can email us your graphics and engraving instructions. Engraving included.

Recognition Plaques

Black Marble Finish | VPLQBLK

White Marble Finish | VPLQWM

Cherry wood Finish | VPLQCW

Oak Finish | VPLQAK

VPLQBLK-5 5X7"  

VPLQBLK-8 8X10" 

VPLQBLK-9 9X12"  

VPLQWM-5 5X7"   

VPLQWM-8 8X10" 

VPLQWM-9 9X12" 


VPLQOAK-5 5X7"    

VPLQOAK-8 8X10"   

VPLQOAK-9 9X12"   

VPLQCW-5  5X7"     

VPLQCW-8  8X10"   

VPLQCW-9  9X12"   


12 Plates  | VPLQ317








18 Plates | VPLQ318







24 Plates | VPLQ319


36 Plates | VPLQ320


45 Plates | VPLQ321



Walnut finish State Shape Plaque | VPLQSTATES

VPLQSTATES-06-(CA,AZ,KS,ect.) 6X8"  

VPLQSTATES-08-(CA,AZ,KS,ect.) 8X10" 

VPLQSTATES-10-(CA,AZ,KS,ect.) 10X12"


Solid Walnut Gavel Plaque | VPLQGAV

VPLQGAV Gavel plaque/8   year plates   

VPLQGAV Gavel plaque/no year plates 

State Shape Plaques


This is part of our selection of state shape plaque awards.  We offer all 50 states in solid American Walnut and walnut finishes.

Flexibrass plates, in a variety of colors, can be custom cut to fit the various solid boards, and each plaque can be engraved directly into its surface.

Left 3/4" thick American Walnut plaques, 10 x 12", available all states $35 to $48, depending on amount of engraving.




When ordering, faxed sketches of plates and message layouts are helpful, as there are many options. Left:  3/4 thick American Walnut plaques available in three sizes:

Walnut Finish State A size about 6 x 8     $19.75

Solid Walnut State A size about 6 x 8     $28.00

Walnut Finish State B size about 8 x 10     $22.75

Solid Walnut State B size about 8 x 10   $37.00

Walnut Finish State C size about 10 x 12     $28.75

Solid Walnut State C size about 10 x 12 $48.00



Price can vary depending on plate, engraving and shipping.




8X10" Walnut finish






6X8" Walnut finish




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